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Dedication and creativity is what we aim for.

ILNA is a reputable company that has been operating in various fields since 1974. The company stands out in the jewelry sector with its brands Mioro, Mir, Mioro Gold, and Ideal Casting Services. With meticulously designed and crafted brands, it offers its customers a unique and high-quality experience. Additionally, ILNA is active in the real estate sector and has proven itself with projects like Lokalist and Elmas Kule.

"Take a memory home with a jewelry"

Our History

Family, Vision and The Future
A Precious History

Our story unfolds with two brothers, Ilyas and Naim Gençoğlu, who shares a deep passion for jewelry. In 1974, they embarked on a business venture, driven by youthful ambition to make their mark in the industry. Through their unwavering dedication and a keen understanding of the craft, they laid the foundation for what would become ILNA.

Their primary objective was to establish a world-class factory dedicated to the production of the finest quality gold chains. To realize this vision, they adopted an innovative approach, characterized by a commitment to each level of production, from the beginning of the process to the finished product. This vertical integration model set them apart and laid the groundwork for their future success.

Our Value

Grab a life changing experience

By prioritising customer satisfaction, we make a difference in the sector with our innovative approaches and ethical values.

  • Vision

    Our vision focuses on providing innovative and sustainable solutions and adding value to society by prioritising customer satisfaction.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to add value to society and support sustainable growth by providing customer-oriented solutions.

Why We are Different

First class craftsmanship with real gold just for you

We are different from others because, first and foremost, we keep the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level. With our customer-oriented approach, we aim to exceed their expectations while doing our job. We stand out with our quality products and services by offering original and innovative solutions in every project.

The sparkle of time

Mioro, Mir, Mioro Gold and Ideal Castings are famous jewellery brands known for their exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design
The Sustainability Jewellery Guide

Sustainability and Value Creation

Sustainability is a core value at the centre of how we do business. It aims to balance environmental, social and economic factors and create value for future generations. Environmentally, we constantly strive to conserve natural resources and minimise waste. We reduce our carbon footprint by switching to green energy sources and prefer environmentally friendly products and packaging.

Balancing Environmental, Social and Economic Factors

Adding Value to the Future

Economically, we pursue a strategy built on solid financial foundations to support long-term value creation and sustainable growth. We manage our business model robustly and act on the principles of effective risk management and transparency.

Sustainability is a principle that underpins all our activities and reflects our commitment to shape our business in a way that leaves a better world for future generations.

Social Contribution and Fair Business Environment

Socially, it is part of our mission to protect and support the rights of our employees and contribute to the welfare of society. With our fair labour practices and diversity efforts, we aim to create a working environment where everyone has equal opportunities. We also endeavour to contribute to local communities and support social responsibility projects.

Fields of Business

Our work will exceed your expectation

Our work will exceed your expectations and satisfy you. We aim to provide high quality products and services by working diligently at every stage.



A jewellery brand that stands out with its elegant and stylish designs


A brand known for its contemporary jewellery designs combining modern and traditional elements

Mioro Gold

A brand that offers collections adorned with precious metals and precious stones that represent luxury and glamour.

İdeal Döküm

A jewellery casting brand known for its excellent quality casting workmanship and meticulous detailing

Real Estate


Modern accommodation experience in the centre of the city. Lokalist offers its guests an unforgettable accommodation experience with its comfortable and stylish rooms

Elmas Kule

Elmas Kule is a residential project offering high quality living spaces and commercial areas in one of the city's favourite locations

Other investments

Represents other investments of the company. This area usually covers various investments in different sectors and represents a broad portfolio.

Real Estate

Comfort and luxury in the heart of the city. Lokalist Hotel is a stylish and modern hotel offering its guests an unforgettable accommodation experience.

Real Estate
Elmas Kule

Prestige and uniqueness. Elmas Kule is a residential project that has become a symbol of the city by offering high quality residences and commercial spaces.

Why Choose Us

Bright and shiny jewelry made just for you

Discover timeless elegance and exquisite craftsmanship with our exclusive collection. Each piece is meticulously crafted to add a touch of brilliance to your style

  • Good Material

    We use high quality materials in our products and offer durable and aesthetic designs.

  • Our Expert

    Our expert and experienced team is constantly working to provide the best service and adopts an open approach to innovations.

  • Contentment

    We focus on customer satisfaction and contribute to the happiness of our customers by offering experiences that will exceed their expectations.



Mioro is a symbol of elegance and luxury. Mioro offers unparalleled style and glamour with jewellery that is meticulously crafted in every detail. The skilful combination of precious stones and the finest metals creates an eye-catching look and impressive elegance in each piece of Mioro jewellery. Mioro offers pieces that will complement your style and add value to every moment.



Mir is a jewellery brand that attracts attention with its modern and stylish designs. Equipped with minimalist lines and elegant details, Mir jewellery is the choice of those with a simple and sophisticated style. Mir offers a unique style by combining elegance and simplicity in each piece and emphasises your elegance.


Mioro Gold

Mioro Gold is a brand that reflects the unique beauty and value of gold in jewellery. The perfect harmony of gold and precious stones makes the Mioro Gold collection unique. Combining shine, elegance and splendour, Mioro Gold offers unique pieces to accompany you in your special moments


İdeal Döküm

Ideal Döküm is a symbol of quality and expertise in jewellery. With its high quality casting workmanship and detailed designs, İdeal Döküm has become the favourite of jewellery lovers. Ideal Döküm jewellery, which is meticulously crafted in each piece, is the choice of those looking for elegance and quality

Real Estate


Lokalist Hotel is a luxury hotel offering its guests a unique accommodation experience in the heart of the city. It attracts attention with its modern architecture and carefully designed interiors. Lokalist Hotel, where every detail is carefully considered, promises its guests a comfortable and unforgettable stay. It also offers a privileged experience to its guests with its restaurants, spa and wellness facilities.

Real Estate

Elmas Kule

Elmas Tower is an exclusive residential project offering high quality residences and commercial spaces that have become the symbol of the city. Drawing attention with its modern architecture and stunning views, Elmas Tower is known as the symbol of luxury and prestige. The project, which has high standards of living spaces, is an ideal option for those who adopt a comfortable and privileged lifestyle.

Real Estate

Other Investments

Our company makes investments in various sectors other than Real Estate. These investments generally focus on potential areas of the future and aim to create sustainable value. We invest in innovative projects, technology-oriented investments and initiatives in various sectors in order to utilise opportunities in the sector.

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